We need to act on climate change.

Welcome to Bankers for Climate – a climate change movement and call to action for employees in the global financial industry.

01. About the initiative

Bankers for Climate is a climate change movement for employees in the global financial industry. Together we are around 66,4 million people working in the financial industry. The purpose of this movement to drive change from within the industry and show the world that “bankers” can unite and collaborate for a good cause.

Climate change poses serious risks to the global economy and will have an impact across most sectors. Recent emissions of greenhouse gases are the highest ever, driven by economic and population growth, by energy use, lifestyle, land use and technology.

The financial industry plays an important role in fighting climate change since it interconnects with all sectors. Banks and other financial institutions manage enormous amounts of capital, which in its essence is the number one tool to drive change, by reallocating to more sustainable solutions. This is not tree-hugging. This is about business, customers and staying relevant in the future.

Please make sure to join the movement by signing up below.

Reach out to me at anders@bankersforclimate.org if you want to help out more actively.

Anders Langworth
Founder Bankers for Climate, a nonprofit organization

Anders Langworth
Photo by Magnus Glans Read more about Anders

02. Endorsers

The following high level climate advocates and executives have endorsed the initiative Bankers for Climate.

Please note that the endorsers do not get any compensation and the organizations they represent is not involved in endorsing or sponsoring Bankers for Climate. They endorse this as individuals.

Erik Solheim
Former Head of UN Environment and Former Minister of Environment and International Development of Norway

Simon Thompson
CEO Chartered Banker Institute

Ioannis Ioannou
Associate Professor London Business School

Eric Usher
Head of UN Environment Programme Financial Initiative

Dr Steve Waygood
Chief Responsible Investment Officer Aviva Investors

Dr Ben Caldecott
Founding Director of the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme, University of Oxford

03. Objective and Actions

Bankers for Climate objective is to 1) establish increased awareness amongst employees in the financial industry and enhanced focus on innovative and sustainable financial solutions 2) increase awareness in society at large about the role and tools the financial industry possess in combatting climate change

  • Initiate dialogue with bankers’ associations and other interest groups to increase level of knowledge and active engagement in the industry.
  • Create attention on media platforms to raise awareness in society

This is just a beginning. Please reach out to founder Anders Langworth at anders@bankersforclimate.org if you have suggestions for tangible actions or want to take a more active part in driving action.

04. Become a Banker for Climate

Sign up and become a force for change!

By signing up I:

  • Contribute to and strengthen this global climate action movement
  • Will inform colleagues, friends and family about the importance of the financial sector in fighting the climate crisis
  • Will discuss risks and solutions with my colleagues when opportunities arise
  • Sign up as an individual working in the financial industry, not for my employer

This is a call for climate action, hence we want bankers to sign up with names, so that we can use this to show leaders of the financial industry and bodies like UNEP FI that we have a strong commitment from individuals. Without your name and personal submitting we can’t call it a movement from within.

We have no interest and will not use your name in any way, it will only be used as a headcount and the ONLY data that will be published is number of “sign ups” in total, per region and per employer (<10 on employer level = will not be published)

Your name will not be published, shared, sold, presented or discussed in any way with a 3rd party, which of course includes your employer.

With that said, please sign up using the form below so that we can make a change!

Thank you very much for becoming a Banker for Climate, the world really appreciates it!

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